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Compostable Clear Eco-cups

Compostable Clear Cups

Roughly half of our world’s plastic production is for single-use items such as disposable clear cups, and less than a quarter of them are recycled. For things we discard quickly, such as cups, napkins, and single-use cutlery, we don’t want to continue to use materials that do not disintegrate for hundreds of years. Our green bio-plastic cups can be composted and fit the needs and requirements of the food service industry as well as the individual consumer who is concerned about the environment.

 Our 100% Compostable, 100% Biodegradable clear cold cups are made from eco-friendly and renewable PLA (Polylactic Acid), a biodegradable and fully compostable corn based resin. Your customers and guests will appreciate you using disposables that are made from a renewable resource...no petroleum! Using green disposables helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Plymouth Rock Printing’s Compostable Cups are:
-Made in USA
-Can be Refrigerated and Frozen

In order to be deemed compostable, eco-friendly bio-plastics must be composted quickly under the ideal conditions present in commercial composting facilities, and so are perfect for large, high- waste volume events where high quantities of cups are distributed and commercial composting is available.  

The challenge

If compostable cups are sent to an industrial-scale composting facility with actively managed piles of compost under controlled conditions (hydrolyzing-breaking up the polymer by adding heat and water), and fed a diet of digestive microbes, PLA cups will break down in less than two months. In someone’s backyard compost heap, it could easily take more than a year. If they are accidentally sent to a landfill and buried, it could take over a century. And if they go into a plastics recycling bin, they will contaminate the recycling process.  The composting infrastructure needs to be in place to recover the bio-material for composting.

What will help:
-Clear direction and labeling of disposal options at events
-Consumer education
-Clear labeling of items – compostable, bio-based, recyclable, biodegradable etc.

Clear labeling at trash stations
It is key to display very clear signage at the venue’s trash station to prevent incorrect sorting, allowing plastics or other non-compostable materials to be accidentally thrown into compost bins. Verbal instructions or stationing an employee at the trash station is also helpful.

Consumer Education
We hope that consumers will make the right choices when faced with which bin to put their disposables into after an event, but in general, the public needs to be educated about recycling and composting correctly-and this is hard work! For many people, it’s a completely new concept. Our obligation is to educate and train customers about what to do with their cups, plates, cutlery and food scraps.

Clear item labeling
“Green-washing” is the existence of products that mislead consumers about their environmental benefits. Green-washing makes it difficult to identify compostable products from non-compostable products, for example “compostable” products vs. “biodegradable” products. All items should be clearly labeled for quick and easy identification to help the consumer discard them correctly.

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